Daily Contest Prize Pool to Get a Boost
Starting July 3rd, PowerPutt LIVE Will Pay More and Deeper Than Ever

Although you’ll likely celebrate your 4th of July lighting things on fire and hopefully staying out of the emergency room, we’re celebrating this grand firework celebration by adding more money into the PowerPutt LIVE Daily Contests. We’ll also be trying to stay out of the emergency room, but, well, you get the point.

Our confidence in the PP LIVE Daily Contest has grown each week as more players have gotten in on the action, and we’ve decided to increase the starting prize from $200 to $250 starting on July 3rd. That's more than $7,000 a month!

The new prize structure will pay deeper (75 spots in all), and the top prize will now pay $40. As a reminder, however, this is only the starting point of the prize pool. The more money that comes in, the more this pool can grow once it has reached certain gameplay thresholds.

As for the new-look payouts, here they are.

First - $40.00

Second - $25.00

Third - $20.00

Fourth - $15.00

Fifth - $10.00

Sixth - $9.00

Seventh - $8.00

Eighth - $7.00

Ninth - $6.00

Tenth - $5.00

11 to 20 - $3.00

21 to 40 - $2.00

41 to 75 - $1.00

The Daily Contest Online Leaderboard updates every hour, so be sure to bookmark this page if you haven’t already. If you haven't given the Daily Contest a test drive yet, track down a PowerPutt LIVE near you and be sure to do so.

Enjoy the fireworks, enjoy the contests and be sure to stay tuned to for much more.

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