Going Low on Pearl Lagoon 18
There’s a New Path to Take on a Difficult Hole (If You Dare)

It is gorgeous, and yet, it might just be Golden Tee 2015’s toughest obstacle.

“It” is Hole 18 on Pearl Lagoon, and you know this challenge by now: water everywhere, dense trees in the center, slope on the green and undoubtedly a strong wind to confuse matters further.

You can go left. You can go right. And as Houston’s Paul Luna only showed us, you can go under.

Yes, under.

The shot to follow was not a trackball mistake turned masterpiece like many of the shots featured on This was an intentional, masterfully creative, and a mildly insane effort that worked out brilliantly. The club, according to Luna, was a 3-hybrid with no tee used. Backspin was applied.

(I am going to cautiously offer the “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” disclaimer, but it might be worth trying at home. Well, if you don’t mind losing a golf ball if/when things turn south.)

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