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Matt Welter Eclipses 200,000 Great Shot Points in One Game! New GT Record!

Records are indeed meant to be broken, and the Golden Tee Great Shot Point record lasted only a few months before hitting yet another absurd mark. Of course such a thing exists, for those of you who assumed otherwise.

Missouri Golden Tee player Evan Gossett set the record back in February, hitting 190,704 Great Shot Points in a single game of Golden Tee. As ridiculous as this is, it’s no longer the all-time best.

Illinois pro Matt Welter eclipsed the 200k mark for the first time in the history of Golden Tee LIVE, finishing up a game on Cape Haven with an unthinkable 201,767 GSPs.

I repeat: 201,767 Great Shot Points in one game!

18 holes. 43 strokes. Goodness.

The highlights on this round include the score—29 under—and really, that’s only the beginning. Welter finished with two holes-in-one, including a timely ace on the 18th hole that pushed him over the 200k threshold. He also added in a double eagle for good measure.

In total, he walked away with Great Shot Points on 11 of 18 holes.

But don’t just take our word for it; see what the ridiculous round looked like on the hole-by-hole. Congratulations to Welter on the game, and I suppose we’ll see how long this record lasts.

Something tells me it’ll be a while…


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