Holiday Headgear
Do You Have Golden Tee’s Latest and Greatest Clothing Item Yet?

‘Tis the season… for Golden Tee seasonal apparel.

The latest Giveaway Code in GT 2013 is LIVE, and you should consider this our gift to you this holiday season. We don’t even care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

The latest item for your virtual golfer is, well, actually a gift. For your head. To obtain your new holiday headgear, enter the Giveaway Code simply by hitting the "Options" button at any point during a game on Golden Tee 2013. Highlight and select "Give Away Code,” and you’ll asked to be enter a code shortly after.

From there simply type in 2312252012 (The number twenty-three and then this year’s Christmas date) and the item will show up in your GT wardrobe. Enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned to for more Giveaway Codes in 2013.

Happy Holidays from Incredible Technologies.

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