Go Beer or Go Home
The Latest Golden Tee Giveaway Item is LIVE, and it Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

Golden Tee is synonymous with a variety of holidays, but perhaps none more so than the lovely yearly celebration that is St. Paddy’s Day.

Many of you will make it out to your local watering hole to enjoy a beer or two or three or however many it takes. Throughout your dedicated show of appreciation, you’ll likely spin a game or two of Golden Tee while marveling at the green beer by your side.

We’ve gone ahead and created a “best of both worlds” scenario, and this will become quite obvious with the addition of our latest Giveaway Code.

Notice anything different?

The green beer mug is now LIVE in Golden Tee 2013, and unlocking it is simple.

Just hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVEAWAY CODE." From there simply type in 2403170317 and you will receive this oversized colorful mug.

If you’ve yet to unlock our old St. Patrick’s Day giveaway items, you can receive these as well. Just type in 07FEED0317 (a zero, a seven, FEED, and 0317) three times and you will unlock an entire green wardrobe—including a stylish beer helmet—for your golfer.

We know that you’ll be celebrating, and we’re helping you do so in style. Enjoy the new clothing item and stay tuned to for more Giveaways.

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