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The Independence Day Giveaway Code is Now LIVE on Golden Tee 2013

Before you blow off both hands with Roman candles, enjoying the summer celebration that is July 4th, please be sure to unlock perhaps the most incredible Giveaway Code in the history of Golden Tee.

To celebrate the 4th, the Uncle Sam headwear—and trust us, you cannot miss it—is now live in Golden Tee 2013. Unlocking it is easy, and you’ll then be able to wear it on the long 4th of July weekend and well beyond.

To unlock it simply hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in 2504040404 and you will receive this beautiful Uncle Sam head. You can throw on the new item by accessing by checking out your available headgear in the options menu.

Enjoy the code, enjoy the 4th—and please, please be safe. Firework injuries do not bode well for thumb shots.

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