The Summer of Golden Tee is Here
Classic Course of the Week Returns on Monday! Everything You Need to Know

On Monday, July 1, Classic Course of the Week returns, consuming your summer and bridging the gap to Golden Tee 2014.

12 weeks, 12 courses, and a way to test your skills against trackballers on some of the all-time great courses—the passionate fans on the Golden Tee Facebook Page voted for what courses they would like to see during the three-month stretch, and now the schedule is set.

Week 1: Kangaroo Trail (July 1 – 7)
Week 2: Rustic Bridge (July 8 – 14)
Week 3: Misty Springs (July 15 – 21)
Week 4: Bonnie Moor (July 22- 28)
Week 5: Tahiti Cove (July 29 – Aug 4)
Week 6: Falcon Sands (Aug 5 – 11)
Week 7: Heather Point (Aug 12 – 18)
Week 8: Indigo Mound (Aug 19 – 25)
Week 9: Cypress Cove (Aug 26 – Sep 1)
Week 10: Black Hills (Sep 2 – 8)
Week 11: The Great Wall (Sep 9 – 15)
Week 12: Laurel Park (Sep 16 – 22)

To be included, simply play one Stats or Glory Play game on the course for that given week. You will then be added to the online leaderboard. Play as many games as you’d like to improve your score throughout that stretch.

The top 300 finishers will walk away with bragging rights—the key component here—but also, free Golden Tees. Not only have we added on four more weeks, but we’re also rewarding Golden Tees to 100 more players each week!

The payouts are as follows.

1st: 250
2nd: 150
3rd: 100
4th: 75
5th: 50
6th-20th: 30
21st-50th: 20
51st-100th: 15
101st-200th: 10
201st-300th: 5

Courses will go live Monday morning, and the leaderboard will be open until Sunday night. The following day the next course will be featured, and you’ll have a fresh chance to make a stand on one of Jim Zielinski’s finest creations.

It all kicks off on Monday with the 2005 hit Kangaroo Trail. Get ready for a summer of Golden Tee.

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