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The IT Holiday Guide –Your One-Stop Shop For All Your December Purchasing Needs

We’re entering the home stretch of the holiday shopping season.

OK, not the home stretch, but you’re running out of days to fill up that space under your tree. Consider this a friendly warning as we enter the middle of December.

The IT Holiday Guide could be your one-stop shop when it comes to holiday necessities, and fans of all trackball games should give this a glance over.

This, of course, begins with the Golden Tee Home Edition, which has been a popular item this holiday season. With FREE SHIPPINGING until Christmas and online play coming in the early part of 2013—which you really should read up on—it’s easy to see why.

Contact us for pricing and for more information.

Bring the game to you… that’s a tough one to top. But that’s not all.

Golden Tee, PowerPutt and Silver Strike LIVE gift cards are also an option and these can be customized to your liking. Pick your amount, write the message you would like on the card, and it’ll be on its way.

Be sure to get these orders in by December 17th for assured delivery before the 25th.

And finally, there’s the IT Pro Shop. Looking for some gear or perhaps a GT beer mug? Then this is the place for you. Good prices, unique items, and plenty to pick from for those who want to wear their love for their favorite game on their sleeve.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from your pals at IT.

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