Happy Halloween From Golden Tee
Treats, No Trick and a Message From Your Favorite Game

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Although you could celebrate at home, answering the doorbell every 40 seconds while your dog loses his canine mind, we have another idea.

Leave the bowl of candy out—also, there will be no candy left and some big kid will destroy it early on—and head to the bar. Just do it. You can even dress up if you like. If you have kids, then take them out Trick-or-Treating and head to your local watering hole after that.

It’s… the right thing to do. Why, you ask? I’m sorry, do you need a reason to go out and play Golden Tee on a weeknight? I didn’t think so.

And if you do decide to enjoy the festivities in front of a Golden Tee game be sure to deck your golfer out in the appropriate attire. Our Halloween Giveaway Codes are still live, and the pumpkin head, tiki mask and more can be yours.

For the tiki mask, enter 18B0000002 (a one, an eight, the letter B, six zeros and a two) under “GIVEAWAY CODE” in the “Options” menu. You can enter this at any point in an online game.

As for the other items (3 more in all), follow the same process and enter 04B0000000 (a zero, a four, the letter B, and seven zeros) and receive one of the three clothing items. Enter this code three times to collect the whole set—which does include the fan favorite pumpkin head.

Enjoy the gear, enjoy the candy, enjoy the beer, and enjoy the Tee.

Happy Halloween from IT

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