Video: The Art of the “Skip”
The Latest Hazard Hopper on Bear Lodge Gives Us Insight on a Shot Worth Trying

A low tee and a 3-wood or a driver can go a long way. In fact a Golden Tee of any kind (high or low), can drastically alter what you can do with a trackball and the possible shots in your arsenal.

Most of the time—and it’s probably a large majority—you’ll use a high tee to either clear an object in front of you or give you more carry and distance on the shot. While we see this plenty, it’s not always the case.

Low tees can be very valuable for staying, well, low to the ground, and they’ll also get you extra spin once you reach the green. And that’s not all they do.

If you’re hitting with a hazard in your path a low tee with a driver or a 3-wood can give you the skip you might need to get to the green. It’s a dangerous shot, and you’ll have only one skip to clear the water. The second skip doesn’t skip.

Trust me, I know.

Hole 7 on Bear Lodge provides an opportunity to do just this, and we saw quite the effort on this drivable par-4 that you will undoubtedly see on your local Golden Tee game soon enough.


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