October’s Finest
A Look Back at the World Rankings for the Past Month and Our First Taste of 2013

The Golden Tee World Rankings are now officially one year old. Everyone wish it a happy birthday when you get a moment. Also celebrating an anniversary of sorts is Golden Tee 2013, which has now been on the streets for more than a month.

The World Rankings have been updated to celebrate the new virtual golfing destinations, and the results from the October World Rankings are final now that we have turned to November.

How did it get to be to November?

With a new update comes a new name at the top. Wait, never mind. That’s actually not the case.

Houston’s Mark Stenmark—a name you should recognize from this online leaderboard—has found his game on 2013 and finished the month with a 5-score average of -29.

He was the top overall player on the World Rankings in October, followed closely by Missouri’s Evan Gossett who finished with a -28.8 average. The entire top five looked like this, and it was awfully close—as it usually is—near the top.

More than 16,000 players acquired a World Ranking in November simply by playing each 2013 course once throughout the month.

For those new to the rankings, here’s the simple rundown.

Once you get a score on each course, these five scores will then be averaged to give you a total score overall. You can play a course as many times as you’d like to improve your score and a bad game won’t hurt your leaderboard average.

Once you get your five games in, your World Ranking will also show up on the game after you swipe your Player card. You can also check out the online leaderboard on

Congrats to Mr. Stenmark on continued dominance and we hope to see everyone on the Golden Tee World Rankings!

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