Going Low on 2013
Jeff Lannen Drops an Incredible -31 on Coconut Beach

As we begin to dissect the 2013 players, a handful of players have already done their fair share of dissecting. In fact, although the courses are still very new, some of the game’s finest are putting up monster scores.

We’ve seen a -30 on a handful of the courses, although one Golden Tee player has done one better.

Illinois pro Jeff Lannen dropped a -31—you read that correctly—on Coconut Beach, the lowest score to date on 2013.

There’s no secret, no gimmick to destroying a scorecard the way Jeff Lannen did. Course familiarity certainly helps, practice makes perfect, and it doesn’t hurt to be really, really good at this game.

Jeff Lannen showcased just that, and we’ve got his hole-by-hole information to prove it.

Congrats to Jeff on his round, and we look forward to seeing what other ridiculous scores can be had on 2013

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