Silo Solution
Trouble on the Dusty Bend 7th? Here’s One Way to Manage the Obstruction

It’s no secret; we LOVE resourceful chipping. And when a unique short-game highlight presents itself – especially one that may coming in handy for each and every one of us down the line – we’ll celebrate this GT effort and give it the props it most certainly deserves.

The latest shot to be featured comes from a spot you might have found (certainly not intentionally) on the Dusty Bend 7th. The massive silos tucked in the front right part of the green typically doesn’t come into play, but, every once in a while it becomes a factor.

And if you get stuck under a piece of this obstruction, well, you have a creative option to not only get out of trouble but also find the bottom of the cup.

Embrace the ricochet…

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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