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If You’ve Ever Been in a Bind on the Auburn 17th, Perhaps This Video Can Help

You’ve been in that situation before. You just stuck the green and you’re lining up your putt. The only problem is that you don’t really have a straight shot to the hole. Fortunately, these greens rarely pop up in Golden Tee, and when they do they’re typically late in the round.

If you’re not touching any part of the fringe, you’ll have to putt around the obstruction and get to the hole in two. No big deal, and there are certainly much bigger round killers than this.

If only there was a way, however, to conquer this situation. Well, there just might be, at least on the Auburn Glen 17th.

This tricky par-3 can be tough with a big wind, which usually is the case. And if you happen to land on the wrong side of the green, have no fear. You might have an option to get to the other side or even get to the cup.

It didn’t go in, but we now know that this lovely little putt is possible. If you're ever in a bind, perhaps try giving this one a go.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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