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Power Events’ Florida Open is the February Tournament Worth Checking Out

The winter sucks, and unfortunately a fair amount of us are stuck dealing with snow and cold temperatures for the next few months. There’s no real way around this - unless, of course, you move – but this solution isn’t necessarily one we could all make without major ramifications.

Instead, why not treat yourself to a trip somewhere warm. Add into the equation a weekend of Golden Tee, and you might just have the perfect concoction to cure the winter blues.

The 2012 Florida Open will take place on Thursday, February 9th through Sunday, February 12th at Mugshots Bar and Grill in Altamonte Springs, Florida. This marks the first official Golden Tee tournament of 2012, and the first event of Power Events’ second PEGT Tour. Last year’s yearlong tour was a smashing success, and you can expect the exact same as we get the ball rolling (well, flying) in a new year.

Festivities get underway on Thursday with a closest-to-the-pin tournament. Entry into this pre-tourney event is just $10. On Friday, a match play handicap tournament will take place, and entry into this event is $25. As if you needed an excuse to come to Florida for an extra few days, you now have one.

At noon on Saturday, the Orlando Open will commence with a five-course qualifier. The thirty-two players to shoot the best overall scores will then be placed in the championship bracket, while those that don’t make the cut will be placed into the purple bracket.

Match play for the tourney will begin on Sunday morning, and the first tournament champion of 2012 will be crowned later on that day!

Get out of the cold for a weekend and take in the first Golden Tee tournament of the year. You’ll enjoy it, that’s a guarantee. Visit the official Florida Open Tournament Thread on for more information or to sign up for the event, and stay tuned to for more!

Also be sure to visit Power Events' official website for information and dates on other PEGT Tour events in 2012.

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