Dynamic Duo
Two Players, One Magnificent Score! The 30 Under Club Gets Two New Members For the Price of One!

There’s a first for everything, and PowerPutt’s most exclusive club just inducted a very special member. Or should we say members.

Laurie Dahlke and Loren Kurth were playing in a local PowerPutt tournament at Next Stop Lounge in Rothschild, Wisconsin. There’s nothing unusual about this routine, although this particular game for this talented duo was special.

Laurie and Loren took turns, switching off playing on each hole. The result was, well, perfection or at least something close to it. Playing together they fired off a -30!

Although we’ve seen scores better than -30 in the past, this might just be the most impressive achievement we’ve ever seen on the game. It’s easy to get into the zone when you’re standing over the game and constantly putting. Taking turns, however, forces each player to reset after each and every hole. It’s a much different experience, and the concentration needed to pull this off is truly remarkable.

Congratulations to both Laurie and Loren and their fantastic game together. Welcome to the 30 Under Club!

Have you hit a –30 but aren’t in the club yet?

Email a photo of you in front of the game with your score in the background to IT, along with your name, mailing address, and the location you played at. You will then be added to the hallowed halls of the Thirty Under Club!

Good luck and we hope to hear from all of you soon!

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