Welcome to LIVEWIRE!
Your Home For All of IT’s Online Games Has Officially Launched! Here's What's New!

Welcome to LIVEWIRE, your new home for all of IT’s online games. Starting today, this will be your one-stop news hub for Golden Tee, PowerPutt and Silver Strike Bowling.

While the site is ready to roll, we still have big things in store when it comes to getting LIVEWIRE fully operational. and are still up and running – as is the older version of – but the plan is to have everything from these sites on the LIVEWIRE in the not-too-distant future.

For those of you looking to access your Golden Tee stats, you’ll be able to do so by clicking “Login/Sign Up” at the top of the page. After doing so, you’ll then be taken to the stats hub you’re used to accessing. We plan to move stats over to this site soon, but for now this easy reroute will be your way to check out contest history or access any account information.

The Find-a-Game feature - which you will want to use plenty this week to see when Golden Tee 2012 is installed in your area – has gotten a facelift and can also be accessed near the top of the page as well. We’ll explain how to take advantage of this necessary GT tool plenty, so just be sure to tune in and expect to see locations begin to update their games in the middle part of this week.

As for those of you looking for information regarding Golden Tee 2012, you’re in the right place. The features, clubs, balls and other necessary 2012-related items have all been updated as GT 2012 is set to hit the streets later on this week. If you haven’t checked all the new features that will be your in a matter of days, be sure to check out the “What’s New?” page which is now live.

Starting October 1st, LIVEWIRE will feature the new Golden Tee World Rankings, which will be explained throughout this week before the 1st hits. We’ll have plenty more on how to be a part of this exciting new feature, but you’re going to absolutely LOVE this new addition.

Be sure to explore the new site, play around with the new features and get accustomed to the new look. With a new site and 2012 now shipping to locations around the country, this promises to be an exciting week here in IT land.

Welcome to LIVEWIRE and tune in for the exciting things that lie ahead.

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