The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
It’s Golden Tee 2012 Ship Day, Which Means We Should All Freak Out Accordingly

For the Golden Tee fanatics, today is Christmas morning, Super Bowl Sunday and [insert your favorite holiday of choice here that may or may not involve beer] all rolled into one. Today is the day you’ve all waited anxiously for since the spring, and the day that wives and girlfriends absolutely abhor.

Today is Golden Tee 2012 Ship Day.

The buzz around Incredible Technologies is unlike anything we’ll experience all year. It’s also frantic as all hell, but a cheerful kind of frantic.

Golden Tee 2012 is being loaded into delivery trucks and will soon be in thousands of locations by the end the week. It marks the beginning of the end of a wonderful year of Tee – you did good, 2011 – and the start of something even better.

While you won’t be able to actually play the game on Monday, you will soon enough and there’s a chance that a handful of games will begin to update on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday the updates will become more frequent, and the known 2012 locations should light up Find-a-Game like a Christmas tree.

By Thursday and Friday, the 2012 national presence will be even more pronounced. And by the weekend, 2012 should be in your tavern of choice just in time for a lengthy Friday or Saturday trackball session.

Translation: Rest up, my friends.

We’ll have all 2012 news, updates and tidbits as we get ‘em, but for now hang in there and explore Golden Tee’s new online digs.

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