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  • 2020 Remastered Remix! Event
    Events modes are back with the opposite 2020 remastered courses holes!
  • Home Edition Event Mode
    The second home edition event adds more chances to win with the remastered course leftovers!
  • Agave Ranch Monday Mix Up
    Monday Mix Up on Agave Ranch
  • Freaky Friday 2016 & 2010 Courses
    Freaky takes some old school 2010 courses and mixes them in with some new school 2016 courses.
  • This Week's Daily Contests
    This week's Daily Contests are Lake Powell, Jamaica Bay, and Grand Teton!
  • This week's Freaky
    $3,500 prize pool for this week's backwards contest!
  • 2020 Remastered Courses Event
    Next week's commercial Event on 2020 remastered courses is going to be huge!
  • Blackout Wednesday Contest Is Back!
    The annual Blackout Wednesday Daily Contest is November 27th with a mix of new and old remastered courses!
  • Freaky Friday 2017 & 2009 Courses
    This Freaky Friday we freak you out with some old school meets new school!
  • Daily Contest Courses
    The Daily Contest courses for November 19th to November 20th.
  • Home Edition Events are nearly here!
    The first Events Mode will be added to the Home Editon consisting of mixed 9 holes from our brand new remastered 2020 courses!
  • Lake Powell Monday Mixup
    2020's beautiful Lake Powell
  • Rattlesnake Is This Week's Event Course
    Big scores, bigger payouts! Try your luck at the top all this week on Rattlesnake.
  • Grand Teton Is Mixed Up For Monday
    Go backward through Grand Teton for this weeks Monday Mix Up with $1,200 on the line!
  • Nine Line Giveaway
    Enter to win the "Up to Par" Mancave Giveaway!
  • 2020 Invitational Contest
    2020 courses and contests are LIVE!
  • Monday Mixup
    This week's contest is Oakwood Hills backwards!
  • This Week's Event!
    Par 3s take over our first GT 2020 event!
  • Monday Mixup
    Take a look at 2020's Dodge City, all mixed-up!
  • LIVE NIV Tournament Coverage
    Join us exclusively on Twitch for the 17th and final NIV tournament!
  • Golden Tee Golf goes Mobile!
    GTG comes to Android and Apple devices in the US on Oct 28th!
  • Lake Powell all Mixed up!
    Our first 2020 course gets mixed this Monday!
  • 2020 Time-released Content!
    Fresh content all year long!
  • 2020 Launch Day!
    Games are being updated to 2020 as we speak! New Caddy version as well!
  • 2020 SHIP DAY!
    Thousands upon thousands of 2020 updates are leaving IT headquarters today!
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