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The second home edition event adds more chances to win with the remastered course leftovers!

The second home Event this week will feature the opposite holes from the 2020 remastered course that took place a few weeks ago.  This week's event now features 9 holes from Golden Tee Fore's Castleshire course and 9 holes from Golden Tee 3D Golf's Coral Ridge!

This remastered courses leftovers event will be a 15-person event with a prize pool of $15 per event. The credit payouts have gone up and are as followed:
  • 1st $5
  • 2nd $4
  • 3rd $3
  • 4th $2
  • 5th $1
The maximum number of event games you can play per day has been raised to 10 with each event game still only costing $1.50 to enter.
You will need to add funds to your GT Caddy app / Livewire wallet to enter this event.
Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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