2020 Invitational Contest
2020 courses and contests are LIVE!

2020 Invitational Contests

Now that 2020 Home Edition updates are shipping out, invitational contests have been turned back on for commercial units and 2020 courses are unlocked in the GT Caddy app to challenge your friends!

Whether it's for Glory or for prize credits, you can challenge up to 99 friends and for up to $25 per player to see who's the best player of them all!

If you've never set up an invitational contest before, you can watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on getting started!

Once you have invitational contests set up, head to your favorite GT 2020 cabinet and select the number of golfers > online > invites to play!

*please note that all invited players must accept a contest before it will be "started" and available to play on a cabinet*

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