Home Edition Events are nearly here!
The first Events Mode will be added to the Home Editon consisting of mixed 9 holes from our brand new remastered 2020 courses!

On Monday, November 25 we will start the first Home Edition Events contest with a bang! You will have the chance to play the newly remastered courses for the very first time! The event will consist of a mix of 9 holes from Coral Ridge (GT 3D Golf) and 9 holes Castleshire (GT Fore!), the 2020 remastered courses.

For any home edition owners that do not have their cabinet online will enjoy A FREE WEEK subscription starting Monday, November 25 and going through Sunday, December 1st. Take up this opportunity to find out what you’re missing from online play!

This home edition event will be a 10-person event with a prize pool of $10 per event. The credit payouts are as followed: 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2, and 4th – 10th free tees. The maximum number of event games you can play per day is 5 with each event game costing $1.50 to enter. You will need to add funds to your GT Caddy app / Livewire wallet to enter this event.
With this being the first Home Edition Event, we are starting off with a smaller structure to see where we can improve and make this even better for the player! We can’t wait to give you bigger events in the future!

Events Come Home

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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