• It All Comes Down To This
    Power Events’ Dallas Holiday Classic Closes Out the 2012 Golden Tee Tourney Season
  • Sequoia Albatross
    Our First Hole-in-One on Golden Tee 2013’s Most Fascinating Design Has Surfaced
  • A November to Remember
    The Bar Has Been Raised (Again) on the Golden Tee World Rankings
  • Indigo Bounce
    A Blast from the Past, and an Unbelievable Ace Worth Your Time
    Golden Tee Under Your Tree Headlines Some Exciting Deals in Our IT Holiday Guide
  • Toughest in 2013: All or Nothing
    Back to Sequoia We Go to 2013's Most Fascinating Challenge
  • The Ring of Fire
    Burning Up the Coconut Beach 16th is Easy, Just Watch and Learn
  • Next Stop: Dallas
    Power Events’ Golden Tee Tour Heads to Texas to Close Out the Tournament Season in Style
  • Jack Rabbit Demolition
    Mark Stenmark Demonstrates the Ultimate Takedown of a Golden Tee 2013 Course
  • Bunker Bounce
    Most Pot Bunkers Will Destroy Your Scorecard, But This an Exception
  • Making the Most of Your Surroundings
    Could This be the Golden Tee Shot of the Year?
  • Giving Thanks With a NEW Giveaway Code
    We’re Kicking off the Holiday Season With a Present for Your Golfer
  • Toughest in 2013: To Coconut We Go
    We Head to the Par-4 17th of GT 2013’s Paradise to Explore One of the Game’s Great Challenges
  • A Time For Giveaways
    Thanksgiving Gear Plus More to Come—a Week of Golden Tee Giveaways is Upon us
  • Toughest in 2013: Kicking It Off
    The Tricky Par-4 16th on Sequoia Grove Gets our New Series Underway
  • Gobble Gobble, Y'all
    With a New Giveaway Code on the Horizon, We Embrace our Vintage Thanksgiving Gear
  • Jack Rabbit Ricochet
    From Tee, to Cactus, to Rock, to Cup – an Unexpected Ace
  • Designed and Conquered
    Now This is an Ace – Our First Super Albatross of 2013 Has Surfaced
  • Making the Most of Your Surroundings
    More Madness on the Coconut Beach 9th, 2013’s Best Action Flick
  • Pin-Balled
    You’ve Seen the Lucky, Now See a Shot on the Opposite End of the Equation
  • When -30 Simply Isn’t Good Enough
    One Game on Coconut Beach and Two Massive Scores
  • Video: Staying Low to Go Low
    Closing Out a Sequoia Round With a Bang – a 30-Under Caught On Tape
  • Golden Tee Meets Pinball
    The Sequoia 17th Brings Out the Best in YouTube
  • October’s Finest
    A Look Back at the World Rankings for the Past Month and Our First Taste of 2013
  • Video: The Art of the “Skip”
    The Latest Hazard Hopper on Bear Lodge Gives Us Insight on a Shot Worth Trying
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