Design-a-Hole Overload
See Island Green Through the Eyes of the Design Team

By now you’ve seen Island Green, Gordon Faustich’s fabulous par-3 that bested more than 100 other submissions in this year’s Design-a-Hole Contest.

The hole has come together since being selected out of a batch of deserving finalists earlier this year. We’ve debuted this design (as it appears on the game), and we’ve even talked to Golden Tee Course Designer Jim Zielinski about some of the modifications he’s had to make to get this hole to prime time.

As we ready for the release of this design—and also the 2014 update—it’s always refreshing to get a look at what the Golden Tee design team sees.

A very detailed and meticulous process requires hours of work from a very talented group of people, and this process is now in full force with the release day inching closer. What does the Golden Tee design team see as they plug away on this year’s Design-a-Hole winner?

Here’s a taste below, straight from the desktop of Jim Z.

(Click to Enlarge)


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