Charl Schwartzel Goes Golden Tee at the British
A Broken Club and a 448-Yard Drive? Why Yes, Yes He Did

Charl Schwartzel accomplished something at the British Open this past weekend that you’ve never done, in the real world or in Golden Tee.

He threw a club and broke it—although that’s nothing new for you, you probably accomplish this a few times a year. But yes, this actually happened.

While breaking clubs in a major is a rarity, it’s not the rarity. Schwartzel did something rarely seen in the game of golf, and when’s the last time you drove a par-4 in Golden Tee that measured 448 yards?

For most, the answer is never. For the few that have, SHARE YOUR SECRETS.

No cart path, no secret rocket boost golf ball—as far as we know—just a links-style course and a long-hitter taking advantage of the elements. And I mean, he really took advantage here. Also, he made the birdie and avoided the dreaded drive-the-green-and-still-make-par three-putt.

Yes, there is a links-style golf course coming to Golden Tee 2014, so perhaps your 448-yard drive is coming.

Or, well, perhaps not.

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