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Classic Course of the Week Heads to the Big City For Round Two

One down, 11 to go.

The first Classic Course of the Week is in the books, and the great Kangaroo Trail is giving way for Rustic Bridge, one of the all-time Golden Tee greats.

Last week it was Texas native Mark Stenmark finishing at the top of the weekly leaderboard, dropping a jaw-dropping -31 on the 2005 creation. The leaderboard has already been cleared, which means it’s time for trackballers to hit the big city.

Play one game on the weekly course featured in Glory or Stats Play and you’ll be included on the online leaderboard. You can find Rustic Bridge, this week’s course—as well as the other creations included—under “Classic Courses” at the Course Selection screen.

Up for grabs are trackball bragging rights and free Golden Tees. The top 300 finishers will walk away with virtual equipment. The payouts are as follows.

1st: 250

2nd: 150

3rd: 100

4th: 75

5th: 50

6th-20th: 30

21st-50th: 20

51st-100th: 15

101st-200th: 10

201st-300th: 5

Your best score between Monday, July 8 and Sunday, July 14 will go up against GT players around the world. The following Monday, the leaderboard will be wiped clean and a new course will take center stage.

So what are you waiting for? See how you stack up on Rustic Bridge, and be sure to bookmark, a landing spot you’ll be visiting plenty over the next.

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