• 5...4...3...2...1...
    We're Celebrating New Year's Eve on Rustic Bridge, Giving Away Big Prizes!
  • Adding to the Rotation
    Starting Jan 1, the 2014 Courses Will Be Daily Contest Ready
  • It's Here!
    The Bonnie Moor Daily Contest Takeover is Happening NOW!
  • And... We're LIVE!
    PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Daily Contest is Up and Running
  • New Daily Contests Go LIVE on Monday!
    The Switch is Here! New Courses, New Pins and More!
  • Flirting with Perfection
    Steven Tirey Fires off a -36, the Best PowerPutt Score of All-Time
  • New Payouts in PowerPutt LIVE Go Live!
    The Daily Contest Prize Pool Gets a Nice Bump! More Money, More Winners!
  • Home Page Addition
    The PowerPutt LIVE Daily Contest Leaderboard is Now Front and Center
  • Make Every Day a Competition
    $4,000 and Counting! PowerPutt LIVE’s Daily Contests are Rewarding Big Prizes Already!
  • Daily Contests Go LIVE!
    You May Now Compete Against the Top PowerPutt LIVE Players Around the Country For Cash Prizes!
  • Daily Contests Start Monday, April 23rd!
    PowerPutt LIVE’s Online Era is Ready For Takeoff! Here’s What You Need to Know
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