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PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Daily Contest is Up and Running

The PowerPutt LIVE 2013 Daily Contests are open and ready for business.

The five all-new courses will serve as the destinations for these contests, and the Daily Contest exclusive pin placements are also ready to be tackled.

For those of you who are new to the Daily Contest routine, here’s the rundown.

One of the new PowerPutt LIVE 2013 courses will be selected randomly, and players will be able to compete as many times as they'd like during that contest. A player's best score during this 24-hour stretch will be the one that counts, and it will be displayed on PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Daily Contest Leaderboard.

The payouts have also been restructured, and the top 60 will walk winners in each contest. The $150 prize pool will increase as more play comes in, and the payout percentages can be found below.

1st: 16%

2nd: 10%

3rd: 8%

4th: 7%

5th: 5%

6th: 4%

7th: 3.7%

8th: 2.7%

9th: 2%

10th: 1.7%

11-15th: 1.4%

16-25th: 1%

26-60th: .7%

Once the contest is complete, a new contest on a new course will start up and the online leaderboard will be cleared. If you’ve been perfecting your PowerPutt LIVE skills on 2013 and want to see where you stack up, this is the perfect opportunity.

Looking for a game? Check out Find-a-Game on LIVEWIRE to track one down near you.

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