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Games Have Shipped, Now It's Time to Play! Here's How!

So Golden Tee 2017 has shipped, you’ve read all our amazing stories and watched all of our amazing videos and now you want to play.

This is good. You should feel this way, friend. We want you to play and oh you will play and play and play. Here is how and what you can expect the rest of the week.

Golden Tee 2017 updates have indeed shipped. Operators around the country will spend the rest of the week updating their games at various locations, and we thank them for it. It takes time and effort, so we ask that you remain patient as games around the country get the new courses and features.

They want you to play. We want you to play. You obviously want to play.

There is a tool—an amazing Golden Tee staple—that will allow you to see which games have updated around the country in real time. That tool is Find a Game, and it is available on the GT Caddy and also LIVEWIRE.

Both will allow you to search for cabinets based on your exact location. Whether you’re waiting to see when your favorite location receives the update or you’re searching for a game in your area, this is the tool you want to use.

The GT Caddy will even allow you to use GPS and take you to the game.

As the week progresses, more and more games will be updated. It’s an exciting process, and we have zero doubts that you will be surveying your area regularly. We understand, which is precisely why the tool is in place.

The most exciting update in recent memory is here. Now, it’s time to play and explore.

Use the Find a Game feature on LIVEWIRE or download the GT Caddy for your Apple or Android device. 

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