Get the Latest GT Caddy Update Now!
Player Invitationals, Build a Ball and More! Everything You Need Now That 2017 Has Shipped!

Golden Tee 2017 has officially shipped, which means now is time to make sure you are current with the GT Caddy.

To fully experience the new update, you need the GT Caddy. Like, now. This free player-centric app puts the power in your hands. From setting up your own private contests, to adding money to your account to building your own club set, this is how to get the most of 2017!

If you have not downloaded it yet, be sure to get it for your Apple or Android device.

And if you do have it, now is the time to update! Be sure you’re running on the latest version in order to maximize your experience on Golden Tee 2017.

Speaking of, here’s what’s new with the Caddy. Oh, and you’ll have your own avatar now!

Player Invitationals: The most ambitious feature to hit LIVE since, well, LIVE. You can create your own private contests on the app and then play them on the game. Play for cash or bragging rights. Play one buddy or play nine. You control the course, play with handicaps and pull all the strings.

Friends List: Ya gotta have friends! Now you can partner up with Golden Tee buddies around the country! This is a key cog to creating Invitational Contests, although it’s far more than that. Compare stats, and see how your games compare.

Build a Ball: Build a Bag gets a buddy. You can now customize the look and feel of your golf ball! Pick the attributes, the color and also the effects—new to this year!—that come out from behind the ball on your tee shots!

Custom Putters: Putt with a shotgun or a flamingo or more. Not much else needs to be said, really.

For those new to this whole thing, welcome. It’s worth highlighting some of the features that have helped shape the Caddy.

-Find a Game! Oh, this is important this time of year. See where GT 2017 is near you!

-You can customize your golfer from the app, and we’ve added TONS of new clothing items for Golden Tee 2017. And we mean tons.

-Add money to your Player Wallet. Forget about having to dig through your pocket for cash or credit card. Never again!

-Build your own club set. New courses mean new ways to play! You’ll be able to create your own club set for each 2017 course!

-Track your stats and game play progress! See how you did in a 50-man Prize Play event or check-in on the Daily Contests leaderboard. Stay current will all things Golden Tee

-And do much more! News, YouTube highlights, stats, notifications and more! Customize your game play and sort through as much Golden Tee as you please.

This is without a doubt the most robust update we have ever done, and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve been up to. To maximize the game, you need the app.

Download or update the GT Caddy app BEFORE you play Golden Tee 2017.

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