Invitationals 101
With Launch Approaching, Here's a Guide How to Create Your Own Contests in 2017!

So you have discovered Golden Tee 2017, have the latest version of the GT Caddy and want to begin challenging your friends in private contests for cash or bragging rights. This is something that is going to happen next week; it's also an amazing concept.

In Golden Tee 2017, you will be able to do just that thanks to Player Invitationals. The feature, which has been celebrated extensively on this website, allows you to set up your own events—from the number of players to the course to the stakes and more—and control the way you play moving forward.

In an effort to help you out in this creation process, we’re offering and easy step-by-step way of setting up your own contests. Let’s go. Golden Tee 2017 ships on Monday; time to get moving.


Step 1: Download the GT Caddy app.

Here’s the thing; you should have done this by now. If you have not downloaded the GT Caddy for your Apple or Android device, do it here. And if you have downloaded it and are simply waiting for the update—and this update will be the key component when it comes to Invitationals—you will be able to do so next Monday, September 26.

OK, moving on. One last thing.



Step 2: Acquire Friends

This is really important. Ya gotta have friends to play friends.

To play a friend or friends in a private contest, you first need them. Yes, we know you have friends. But in the GT Caddy app, there is now a designated Friends section that allows you to send Friend Requests or accept Friend Requests from people who play the game.

You can search by name, nickname, email address and favorite location. Once you send out these requests and they are accepted, you will be connected to that player.

Beyond being able to see some stats and see what your buddy has been up to, you will be ready to play anyone you have connected with through the Caddy in an Invitational Contest.


Step 3: Setting up a Contest

It’s really, really easy. The hardest part of this next process is figuring out how you want your contest to look and deal. You have so many options at your fingertips. Here is what you will decide next, if you want to create your own Invitational.

Contest Name: Do you as please here. Make it informative, make it creative, make it… well, we have no doubts you will make it something.

Pick Your Contestants: Up to 10 players can compete in a contest. Pick from your Friends list OR from a preexisting Group. A Group is essentially a collection of Friends that have competed in contests before. If you have your foursome (or more, or less) just the way you like it, you can select this group quickly and easy. If you want to challenge your buddy in a new head-to-head game, you can do that here as well.

Pick Your Prize Pool: You can play for bragging rights. You can play for a buck. You can play for much more than that. The prize pool maxes out at $50, for those whose states allow this mode, regardless of participants.

Pick Your Course: Play at random, play a new 2017 creation, play something a bit further back.

Pick Your Winners: Not only can you select the prize pool, but you can also select the number of players who will be paid!

Pick Prize Distribution: Not only can you select the prize pool and the players who will be paid, but you can select whether the payouts are top heavy, sloped or distributed.

Use Player Handicaps Option: You’re going to love this. Decide whether or not you want Golden Tee Handicaps to decide a winner—the ultimate way to level the playing field.

Repeat Contests: Don’t just make it a one-time thing. Repeat this weekly; make it a league of sorts!

From there, the Caddy will verify your current location. You will agree to terms, and you’re all set.

Want to see how this is done? Be sure to watch our Invitationals video from a short while back.


Step 4: Play Your Invitational

Well, duh.

You have 14 days to accept a pending Invitational and 14 days to finish the game. That should be more than enough time to hit your favorite spot and spin the trackball.

A new Game Type option has been added to the game (see: above). To access Your Invitationals, simply scroll to the left on this screen after selecting the number of golfers. Swipe in, and you'll have access to all your pending Invites. If you are playing with more than one player, each player will sign in first. After that, all available Invitationals with all players included in the current game will be shown.

And you can play more in one visit. Load up on Invitationals before you head out and play as many as you please. Your progress, finishes and financials will be available in the GT Caddy app.

The game is about to change forever. We’re putting the power in your hands, and as you can see, the process of creating these unique, private contests is simple and easy.

Golden Tee 2017 ships Monday, friends. Get ready.

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