40 or So Minutes of Golden Tee 2017
Putting All Five Six-Hole Previews in One Place

With the debut of our Golden Tee Lounge™, our world is about to change. With the ability to upload and stream video easily, we have big plans in store as it pertains to Golden Tee, and specifically, Golden Tee 2017.

This process is already underway. Our five six-hole preview videos—a look at each 2017 course—served as the unofficial kickoff. Included in each video was a) commentary on the course and how it was created b) bad jokes c) bad shots and d) the occasional good shot.

If you somehow missed one or all of these videos, there is still to catch up before 2017 ships. At the very least, this is perfect to distract you from things like your job or family members. Enjoy!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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