One. Week. Away.
Golden Tee 2017 Officially Ships Monday, September 26!

Before we progress any further, let’s set the mood. Please hit play on the informative video below.

While we don't demand you watch the entire thing, you should probably just watch the entire thing.

Yes, friends, the countdown has become. Golden Tee 2017 ships next Monday, September 26.

I need to repeat myself to ensure the full message gets across: NEW GOLDEN TEE SHIPS NEXT MONDAY.

Now, let’s not panic all at once. There will be time for that. Well, maybe this is the appropriate time to begin panicking. You certainly want to start planning. Here’s why.

Starting next Monday, Golden tee 2017 will leave our warehouse and head for bars and locations around the country. On Tuesday, September 27, you will start to see select games with the update—something that will be made available knowledge on Find-a-Game.

For the rest of that week, games will continue to pop up all over the map. Keep in mind that this process takes time, and operators will be mighty busy ensuring their cabinets are ready for you.

What a wonderful, insane, busy, exhausting, incredible week it will be. You have waited a long time for this, and we have anxiously waited to show you the most ambitious update we have ever done.

So get ready. Next Monday, everything changes. Let the countdown commence.


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