Golden Tee 2017 Ship Day Approaches...
We're Gearing Up For Our Monday Launch! Are You?

The image above tells a tremendous tale—one of countless hours and many months of work. Soon, this story will evolve.

What you’re seeing are some of the first Golden Tee 2017 updates being packaged in our warehouse, readying to leave the building. They will do just that on Monday, September 26. This, my friends, is our Golden Tee Ship Day.

The anticipation is building. We cannot wait to show you what you have been working on, and we will revisit all of the features soon enough.

Before we do, because we don’t often get to do this here, I want to thank everyone who has touched Golden Tee 2017 in some shape or form over the past 12 months. There have been many people who make this possible, and they deserve a standing applause—or at the very least, an Internet applause—before things get weird and crazy and OH MAN NEW GOLDEN TEE.

So enjoy these last few days before everything changes. We’re getting ready to send out thousands upon thousands of shipments. And it all starts on Monday.


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