The 2017 Marquee Comes to Life
Our First Video of a New Cycle is Born; See the First Taste of the New Update

You have seen the marquee. In fact, you know the story behind its inception—the motivation behind the masterpiece.

But now, as the launch of Golden Tee 2017 inches closer, you get to see it in motion.

This is the first of many videos coming your way—some on YouTube; some live on Facebook. We actually never planned on even pushing this one out anywhere else except for on the game, but we liked it so much we decided we had to share.

As for the next videos to come, well, the five course trailers are currently being pieced together as I type this. Other videos—including an Invitational walkthrough not to mention some other lovely reveals—are also to follow.

So for now, enjoy the sweet sites and sound of the marquee coming to life. And be sure to tune in for so much more Golden Tee 2017 fun.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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