The 2016 Indy Open
Golden Tee's Next Tournament Weekend is Nearly Upon Us

It is going to be hot this weekend. Really, really hot. The kind of hot that is too hot for pools. So instead, why not partake in a lovely Golden Tee tournament in a lovely air conditioned bar.

The 2016 Indy Open will take place this weekend, July 22 through July 24, at Southport Bar and Grill. Game Time Amusements, along with the bar, will serve as sponsors and run the event.

What’s unique about this particular contest is that will two different contests for players ranging in skill level: an Open contest (entry is $200) and an Amateur Contest (entry is $100).

The other fun, unique spin is that once the two-round qualifier is complete, match play will be a race to three wins, each time on a different course. So expect longer matches, more exciting moments and lots and lots of strategy.

And you can also expect good food and drink, too. The catalysts of any Golden Tee tournament will be in play as well, not to mention the magnificent camaraderie that comes with a weekend like this. Plus, well, it will be too hot in most places to do basically anything else.

For information on payouts and other scheduling tidbits, visit the official Indy Open tournament thread on Underdog Sports. You can also sign up here as well.

Good luck to those playing, and thanks once again to Game Time for putting on the event.

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