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Power Events' First Stop of the Year, the Florida Open, is Coming Up Fast!

The first Golden Tee 2016 tournament—the final tune up for the World Championship—is now less than two weeks away.

Power Events’ nationwide PEGT Tour will make its first of six stops in Orlando on February 18-21 at Backstage Billiards—a familiar and welcoming location that has housed this event for the past few years. Those looking for a little winter getaway need to look no further; this is the weekend you need.

A combination of lovely weather, drinks and Golden Tee would be good for your soul, which is precisely why we’ll be down there to “work” the Florida Open. We hope to see you there.

Festivities commence on Thursday night with a double-elimination Closest to the Pin Contest. Entry is just $10. The next day, the focus will turn to the Handicap Tournament—an opportunity for any player in the room to win entry into the main event (about a quarter of the field will do just that). Entry into this event is $25.

On Saturday, the main event will kick off with a five-course qualifier on the 2016 courses. The 32 players with the top combined scores will be placed into the Main Bracket. The rest of the field will play in the Purple Bracket—where there will still be big prizes at stake.

Double-elimination match play for both will take place on Sunday. Later that day, the first champion of 2016 will be crowned. Entry into the main event is $110. Included in this entry is a free buffet on Saturday along with a custom player card.

Interested? Sign up now. Walkups, of course, will also be welcomed.

What a weekend it will be. For those who cannot make it, a live stream will be available. To get ready for the Golden Tee Worlds, we will be testing out a new multi-cabinet stream—a way to (hopefully) look in on more than one match at a time.

While this should vastly improve the viewing experience, there’s nothing quite like seeing it in person. If you can make it, we’d love to see you at Backstage.

For more information on the PEGT Tour, visit


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