2024 Missouri Open Wrap-Up
What a weekend, friends!

The 2024 Missouri Open at Funny Bone in St. Louis has come to an end, and what an exciting ending it was.

Friday night's Handicap Tourney brought a lot of new and familiar faces together for a spirited evening of Golden Tee competition, capped off by an #incredible display of talent from Mr. Lodell Parks and his Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars cover band, "JAM", at Westport Social!

Saturday's five-course qualifier was an eventful one with Jade McGillem taking the top qualifying spot in this year's event. For all the deets, check out the Qualifier Leaderboard for the 2024 Missouri Open!

CJ Wengler, Jay Ware, and Allan Zerull vibin'.

Championship Sunday was a standout in recent years, as one-by-one, some of the biggest competitors found their way to the losers bracket and elimination well before most would have speculated. Sean Gervais, the 2024 Wisconsin Open Champion, went 0-2 in Gold Bracket match play. Andy Haas was sent to losers in the first round by Al Zerull...only to meet him again in the losers bracket to earn his second loss.

Ed Gott and Jeff Stitch serving up commentary.

The surprise performances did not end in the early tiers of the bracket, culminating in one hell of a meeting in the crescendo of the tourney. Brian Bernhardt reached the Gold Bracket Grand Finals as the King of the Hill for the first time since 2004. His opponent was CJ Wengler, a young and gifted player who'd yet to find his way to the top of a PEGT podium. CJ would go on to double dip Brian to win his first National Golden Tee Tour Championship after an incredible weekend run. 

CJ Wengler celebrates his first Gold Bracket title.

Matt Kavanaugh took home the Purple Bracket Championship, earning a pass to the 2025 Golden Tee World Championship, with Craig Sander winning the Pink Bracket this year.

Matt Kavanaugh (Purple 1st), CJ Wengler (Gold 1st), Craig Sander (Pink 1st)

Congrats to all of our winners, and and a HUGE thank you to everyone involved with making this event possible, including Power Events, the crew at Funny Bone, and, of course, the players. Rest up, friends. Here comes Worlds!

Gold Bracket Podium: Paul Tayloe (3rd), Evan Gossett (4th), Brian Bernhardt (2nd), CJ Wengler (1st), Paige Gossett (Power Events)

Quentin Shaw (Pink 2nd) and Craig Sander (Pink 1st)

If you missed any of the action, check out the Championship Sunday replay below!

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