Introducing the Golden Tee 2016 Course Logos!
Where Will You Be Teeing Off This Fall? Let Us Dive Deeper

The next two weeks promise to be significant in the world of Golden Tee 2016. Do yourself a favor and don’t venture too far away from And if you do, bring your GT Caddy with you.

There is still a little work to be done, but our five new course trailers are nearing completion. We’re adding sounds and making final tweaks—they are as robust as they have ever been—and after that they will be ready for launch. The plan is to push the first of five trailers on Monday, August 3 and release one a day for the entire work week.

We still have much to get to before that—including our exciting reveal of the five new course logos below—but we are moving. We have news coming later this week that you cannot miss. Stay tuned throughout (we said this already and it’s worth saying again).

As for what you came here for, let’s get to it. You’ll see moving pictures for all five new courses soon enough; for now here are the lovely new course logos, coming to a Golden Tee 2016 cabinet near you. (Click to enlarge)


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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