2015 Diaries: Focusing on the Little Things
An Update on GT’s Latest Installment and Some Unbelievable New Images

We promised more 2015 screenshots, and we have delivered. Before we get to them, a quick word about where we are.

From inside the IT walls, this marks a fascinating part of the development process in 2015. The courses are complete—at least from a layout standpoint—and the Golden Tee development team is now working hard on the little things.

The little things, as you know, are tremendously important: Especially with Golden Tee, a game that revolves around yards and even inches for the player. Thus, small—but remarkably important—decisions are being made.

Should that tree move a few yards in this direction? What about increasing the size? Is that rock where it needs to be? Is this sand trap deep enough?

These are the decisions that course designer Jim Zielinski and his team will continue to work feverishly on in the coming weeks. But, as they stand right now, all five creations—which will be debuted with trailers over the next few weeks—are very playable.

To ensure that they are not just playable but darn near perfect, however, we’re focusing greatly on the details. We’ll keep you updated on all of this progress, although why don’t you see it for yourself.

Here is an updated screenshot from each of the five courses. (Click to enlarge)


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