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The Longest Hole-in-One in GT LIVE History is Found (Again)

The record for longest hole-in-one in Golden Tee LIVE stood for quite some time.

Earlier this week, however, that record was toppled. We celebrated the achievement on this site, thinking there would be ample time to appreciate this monstrous ace. If ample time counts as a mere few days, then we weren’t wrong.

Needless to say, the record book was rewritten much quicker than anticipated.

Only days after the record fell, it fell again. And not only did it fall, but the new longest hole-in-one in Golden Tee LIVE absolutely demolished the previous marks.

This ace was hit on the same hole as earlier this week—Highland Links No. 10—although unlike the last shot, this one involved a turn left and a MASSIVE drive. Also: a massive wind, a high tee, some good bounces, etc.

The result is a 448-yard hole-in-one.


Before this week, the longest hole-in-one to be YouTubed was 426 yards. The 430-yard effort on Highland toppled that, although the bar was just set enormously high. Given the strong winds and conditions on Highland, there’s a possibility that this record will be broken yet again.

Something tells me, however, that this record may last a little longer.

Well, maybe.

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