Rewriting the Record Book
Golden Tee LIVE’s Longest Hole-in-One of All-Time Has Been Found

Given the conditions on Highland Links, perhaps this was only a matter of time. The high winds have given us more than a handful of 400-yard holes-in-one, although the record for longest recorded ace had remained intact.

The hole-in-one record for a YouTube upload had been 426 yards... until now.

New York’s Stu Fox toppled this record with a 430-yard hole-in-one on Hole 10.

I repeat: 430 yards. 4-3-0.

What’s most amazing about this shot is there was no major A-1 or C-3 involved. Just a big wind—it was likely enormous—and a monstrous straight shot with a high tee. And perhaps “monstrous” doesn’t cut it.

430 yards later, the ball trickled into the cup and the record book now has scribble marks all over it. We don’t rewrite our records, we just write over them. It’s the Golden Tee way.

Congrats to Stu on GT history. 

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