Ramping Up
The Long Road to the Hole-in-One Can Now Include a Trip Up and Off a Rock

I have watched a lot of Golden Tee Great Shots—tens of thousands, which is pretty sad when you begin adding seconds. In these countless hours logged, however, I have never seen a shot quite like what we just say on the Highland Links 9th.

There have been more amazing moments, sure. Whether it is because of unthinkable luck or skill, there have been some absurd things done with the trackball over the past few years. Yet, none of these shots have ever used a gigantic rock like a jump/ramp/whatever kids call this now in what could only be described as TOTALLY AWESOME.

It will require multiple viewings, and then you might want to try it yourself. You might not stick the landing on your first try, either. Or the second try. Or the third try. Or the…

Check this out.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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