Your Perfect Costumes
Celebrate Today By Dressing Your Golfer in Some of Our Halloween Gear

Halloween isn’t necessarily a special day in the world of Golden Tee. Every day and every game is all about the costume—whether that is the serious golf attire (probably not) or the absurd outfit combos that make your golfer unique.

To celebrate this day, however, Golden Tee has released a handful of Halloween giveaway codes over the years, including a code new to Golden Tee 2014. You already have plenty of clothing options, but why not have a few more?

If you’ve missed any of the Halloween Giveaway Codes over the years, here they are.

To unlock any of the items below simply hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in the code, put it on and you're all set.



Frankenstein Head - 30B0002013 (those are zeroes)

Tiki Mask - 18B0000002 (a one, an eight, the letter B, six zeros and a two)

The Pumpkin Outfit -  04B0000000 (a zero, a four, the letter B, and seven zeros) Type it in Three Times for the Headwear, Shirt and Pants 


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