So, So Close
After Nearly Conquering Hole 2 on Coconut Beach, We Examine the Possibilities

Hole 2 at Coconut Beach is fascinating. With the right setup—specifically wind and tee box—the green can be reached.

In most instances, it won’t be possible. But, the shot can be done, and we’ve seen putts for eagle in the past. More recently, we witnessed a near ace that BARELY leaked right of the hole after a wonderful bounce onto the green.

We were this close to YouTube greatness (and it’s still pretty solid without the ace).

This shot doesn’t come without risks. The trees off the tee can come into play if you’re not careful, and the water certainly requires a long, accurate tee shot to reach. A high tee will likely be needed, and again, a good wind is ideal.

The other major item if you’re going to attempt this shot? The elevated green—and more specifically the rock walls—can impact the second shot in a big way. If you have the unfortunate luck of coming up short and getting stuck directly against it, you’re looking at par or worse.

There’s risk vs. reward here, but the risk (thus far) is clearly ahead. Although eagles do happen, it will take a magnificent scenario to make it so.

As for a hole-in-one? Well, we will continue to wait.

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