YouTubes Are Back and Better Than Ever
The Great Shot Parameters Have Changed, and You’re Going to Dig It

After a brief timeout thanks to a software patch, YouTube™ uploads are back and better than ever. Not only are Great Shot Uploads LIVE again in Golden Tee 2013, but you’ll also notice a change going forward.

A very good one, I might add.

In the past, all shots 150 yards and out that found the bottom of the cup were able to be uploaded free of charge. That distance has been tweaked, and shots 100 yards and out will now ask you if you'd like to upload without payment. This could certainly impact shots on par-3s, as well as some approaches that warrant a second, third, or fourth look.

Of course, shots inside 100 yards—along with other attempts which don’t find the pin—can still be uploaded as well for $.50 by hitting the Options button after a shot and uploading it.

For those 100-yard holeouts or aces that you want to share, however, you may now do so without diving into your pocket, scrambling for spare change.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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