The Dunk of Fire
A Magnificent Ace on the Tricky Coconut Beach 17th

The ring of fire returns, although this Golden Tee cameo is the best one yet.

If the Coconut Beach 17th isn’t the toughest drivable par-4 eagle to come by in 2013, it’s certainly on the podium. Walking away with a two on this hole—especially with a difficult tee box—can be an uphill climb.

But, sometimes that uniqueness of this design can assist you on your path to success. The ring (well bowl, but ring is way more fun to say) situatued around the green can do more than get you that dreaded “unplayable” lie. In fact, the ring of fire can be your friend if you don't stay in there for very long.

In the case of our latest spotlight shot—one which will be seen on Shots of the Week soon enough—the ring of fire helped create this amazing, green-less hole-in-one.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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