A Golden Addition
A Cup Holder on a Golden Tee? Oh, Twitter, You Have All the Answers

It’s a question I get frequently while visiting tournaments, bars or simply discussing Golden Tee with friends.

“Why don’t you guys put a cup holder on the game?”

You’ve undoubtedly had this conversation with buddies while enjoying a round and perhaps a beer or nine, wondering why you have to use that table instead of having one located on the cabinet. I know this conversation has happened, because I have had the same exchange over a beer or nine.

Although for various reasons this change will not be happening inside the warehouse (shipping concerns, spacing issues across the board, our lawyer telling me to "kindly leave," etc.) that hasn’t stopped some ambitious wannabe engineers from adding it on.

Take this Showpiece for example, which was broadcasted to us on Twitter.

Now THAT is a cup holder.

If you’re going to make a change like this, you have to be certain it’s secure. Once people are in the middle of consumption, things can get, well, weird and you have to be absolutely certain that the holder will do its job.

There are likely more of these additions out there, and kudos to the operators and location owners with the ambition and power tool prowess to make it happen.

Cheers to you, good sirs.

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