Golden Tee Makes Parks and Rec Cameo
A Colts Game and 10 Hours of Tee With Dave Matthews

If you’re not watching Parks and Recreation on NBC Thursdays, you’re missing out. This isn’t a sponsorship post or anything like that, but just a friendly nudge in the direction of a great show.

We here at Golden Tee have been BIG Parks and Rec junkies for some time now, and our love for the show grew a great deal thanks to the latest episode. Yes, Golden Tee got some love from the lovable Andy Dwyer (aka Chris Pratt), and it surfaced when he was asked to describe his dream day.

Playing Golden Tee with Dave Matthews for 10 hours is a main focus here, and we’ll go ahead and sign ourselves up for this as well.

Here the clip, complete with the hilarity of Ron Swanson eating ice cream.

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