We've Moved
IT Has a New Home, and It’s Time to Get Back to Business

Incredible Technologies has officially relocated, and we’re all setup at our lovely new office situated in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

As many of you have learned, the actual process of moving, well, sucks. The move to this building, however, will be wonderful, as it's a much larger and nice facility.

Our websites and networks were down longer than anticipated on Monday, and we apologize for the delay on that front. Thank you for your patience.

Also, we absolutely must thank the fantastic crew that worked tirelessly to get ITnet back up and running as quickly as possible yesterday. This was a major transition, and they worked nonstop to get it back up and running as quickly as they could.

As for what it means going forward, it should be business as usual. Online and Prize Play are back up and running on all of our games, the websites are working (duh), and we don’t foresee any issues going forward.

Enjoy, and thanks again.

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